Get impartial advice

Published: 03/09/2014

Seek impartial advice from a financial adviser before you make an investment.

If you have been unexpectedly approached about an investment opportunity that you are interested in pursuing, you should first seek impartial advice from a financial adviser unconnected to the firm that has contacted you.

Professional advice is not free. However, financial advisers should provide you with a professional assessment of the risks and potential benefits of the investment. They will let you know if they have concerns that the investment is riskier than you were told, or simply unlikely to work out as promised.

Find your own adviser by using these helpful services provided by, Find an adviser and VouchedFor. If you are looking specifically for a stockbroker or wealth manager you can also try The WMA.

We recommend you do not speak to an adviser indicated or referred by the firm you’re thinking of investing with – they are unlikely to give you impartial or truly independent advice. This should help protect you from losing your money in a scam or risky scheme that is not right for you.

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